The laminate flooring is fundamentally composed of several layers.

LAYER 1: Overlayer.
The layer protect against wear and tear.this surface coating is composed of a special synthetic resin-treated cellulose to give the flooring a tough, durable surface.

LAYER 2: Decorative paper.
This layer is the melamine color paper. The decorative layer paper gives the laminate flooring an attractive appearance.

  It is the wooden compsited core. ( High density Fibreboard )

LAYER 4: Balance paper. On the back of the HDF. It is balance paper layer that improves the structural stability and servs as a moisture barrier.

LAYER 5: Foam ( Optional ).  The foam can be attached on the balance paper directly or as the part.  The effect is soundproof and anti-moisture.



SPC Flooring means Stone Plastic Composited, made of natural stone power and PVC resins. Structural and durable. Stale and environmental. 

LAYER 1: UV coating layer.
Superior stain resistant and water proof.

LAYER 2: Wear layer.
This layer is plastic film. And it protects against abrasion.

LAYER 3: Décor color film.

LAYER 4: SPC core.
Prevent expansion and contraction of the flooring. 

LAYER 5:  IXPE or EVA ( Optional ).
Sound absorption. And exellent underfoot feeling.

  • High density rigid core material. Much stroger than regular LVT. And much strengthened click system.
  • 100% water proof. 
  • Extremely stable. Few expansion and shrinking than LVT and WPC.
  • More environmental. Free formaldehyde.
  • Superior indentation resistance.



WPC Flooring means Wooden Plastic Composited. Which made of wooden power and pvc resins

LAYER 1: UV layer

LAYER 2:  Wear layer

LAYER 3:  Décor Color films.

LAYER 4:  PVC film.

LAYER 5:  WPC core

LAYER 6:  Foam or Cork ( Optional )

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