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Decorating your kitchen for all seasons, Bring in the Joyful Spirit!

by ZC Team 20 Nov 2021

Embellishing a kitchen can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a stressful time. How can you make your place appear its finest while also reflecting your particular style? If you do it well, you'll end up with a cozy, happy kitchen. If you do it incorrectly, you'll end up with a mishmash of furniture, fabrics, and paint colors that never come together to form a satisfying whole.


Color Schemes



When we think of winter, we usually consider blue and white. Snowy days, Christmas lights, holiday music, with the days growing colder as the year progresses. 

Winter colors are commonly thought to be green, red, blue, and white, regardless of where you are in the globe.

Purple should be included in the color palette as well; according to Google, purple is regarded the calm steadiness of blue and the fierceness of red.

Green and red certainly look fantastic together. They look great together on any piece of fabric. It's as if they were made for one other.

White might symbolize cleanliness and neatness, while blue can signify a tranquil winter day.

If your kitchen's furnishings is already white, search for a blue statue or something similar. You could also get blue flower pots and fill your house with flowers.

Use a bright purple rather than a dark purple. 

Paper flower decorations can be a beautiful addition to the kitchen, as can purple kitchenware or a painting of purple flowers.



Fall is the transitional season between winter and summer, with weather that everyone either dislikes or appreciates.

Autumn's color scheme would include orange, red, warm greens, and yellow.

Colors may be revolting when used poorly, yet absolutely phenomenal when utilized appropriately. Orange, for example, is the most commonly misapplied color. 

You can put a little spice in your decorating if you wish to employ purely neutral hues. Look for red chairs or a simple red tablecloth.

Warm green. It's the first sign that fall has arrived. It's the only season when children can jump into a pile of leaves and have a lot of fun with it.

Purchase some green dinnerware, a green plant, or a small green table light.

A room that is all yellow might be too cheerful and exude too much of the summer mood, but you can examine your kitchen to see if there are any vacant areas.

A patterned lemon tablecloth and art pieces with yellow in it are good examples.



Because spring is lively and vibrant, there is greater variation in the different shades. Pink, yellow, brown, and green are just a few examples.

You can opt for a baby pink or pastel pink. 

Pastel colors are ideal for spring because they are light and delicate, and they are also strongly linked with Easter.

As for yellow, there is no rule out that says you can’t reuse a color. Yellow is mostly a summer color, but it can be in all seasons. 

Studies have shown that yellow comes to mind when humans think of warmth, cheer, and happiness. Yellow has a higher wavelength compared to all the other colors.

Brown seems like a disgusting color to many out there, but it’s only because they have not used the right shade of brown before. 

If you think about it, we have a lot of brown furniture around us. The wooden chair you might have, the wood bookshelf, the wood bed frame you have. Brown can be just as dazzling as the other colors. You just need to look for a lighter shade or the perfect shade that fits your standards.

Often times, people think of grass when spring is brought up. It mostly consists of grass, flowers and the sun.

Green is the critical color in the spring color scheme, it blends in with the rest of the other colors. Yellow green, moss green, mint green and others would also work.



In the summertime, it is hot and humid. Although you probably think of yellow when you think of summer, you could use various shades of yellow. 

There isn’t a single color you need to stick to. You could use lemon yellow, banana yellow, and butter yellow. Light yellow tends to be more welcoming than shades of dark yellow. 

Summer doesn’t only consist of yellow, laurel green is an excellent choice. Laurel green is light and healing.

Your environment affects your mood; green can calm your soul down and help any stressful thoughts revolving your mind.

Green revives your life, and it gives us the feeling of being closer to nature as green is associated with nature. 

Blue is an excellent symbol of peace, a calm blue sea with ocean waves. A blue rug with beautiful patterns or a plain blue one could be a great item for your kitchen.

The last option could be ghost white. White can be plain but also an excellent color to slip in between other colorful colors.

White symbolizes newness, simplicity, and innocence. When you use white in the kitchen, it makes everything look cleaner and more organized. 

 Adding tenderhearted Items

Being in a bright room instantly brightens your mood more. You could buy candles to fill the darkness at your nearby store or order them online. 

There are thousands of candle scents; you could find one that meets your needs.

There is also the choice of buying unscented candles. It doesn’t have to be about the scent. The candle is a way to bring light into your life, giving off a warm glow. 


The amount of pictures in a person's house is the most typical decoration in their home.

Personalize the kitchen with photographs that depict important events in your life. You could put images on your refrigerator using magnets, or hang  photo frames on the spot in your kitchen.  

  • A Touch of Nature 

As mentioned earlier, green is healing. You could incorporate outdoor items into your indoor everyday life.

Buy a pot, and a bag of seeds. You can learn to care for a living plant; you would be surprised by how fast it grows.

White flowers are also a lovely choice too, they make your day a bit more pleasurable. 

Green hardware is food to the soul, you could display the plates and bowls in your glass cabinets.

Eating food in green plates could possibly boost your mood too. 

Wood chairs are always a safe go-to choice, it has many advantages. Nature also consists of a lot of wood, trees, and logs.

The texture of the wood can elevate one’s home, there are also types of wood like Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Redwood, etc. 

Any nature objects work too: pine cones, fake mushrooms, fake branches, rocks, and many other ones. What reminds us of nature more than items replicated from nature?

Yearly Prep for the Holidays

  • A Clean Plate

There is usually a cluster of mess in the kitchen, you will want to put away bills, important paperwork, or anything else that you don’t want to go missing.

Working around a clean countertop is more enjoyable when it comes to cooking or baking. You don’t want to work around a mess!

  • Dust free Appliances  

Your house shows how you are as a person, having the kitchen look clean for others is also a form of respect. 

You would want to wipe the microwave, so it is presentable and sparkly clean. Think about the grease in the microwave plate, from the pizza, from the oily foods you’ve been putting in there.

On the outside, it may not be as dirty, but we live in a world where there is a lot of dust. Wipe it clean with a wet cloth and soap! 

The second dirtiest place would be your stovetop, it’s hard to clean if you have a gas stove top. 

You have to take out the grates and scrub it hard with soap. (Make sure to wear gloves, you don’t want to harm your hands)

Take all the caps off, and scrub with soap too.

Then, clean the cooktop surface by taking a bucket of soap and hot water and use a scrub sponge to wipe it. 

Be careful around the burners. Use a toothbrush to clear any block ways that are around the burners. 

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